Unity Bank Transfer Code (Convenient Banking)

If you’re looking for the Unity Bank transfer code, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the Unity USSD code to send money, buy airtime and data, check your account balance, and perform many other transactions. As one of Nigeria’s most trusted and popular commercial banks, Unity Bank makes banking easy and convenient.

In Nigeria, the USSD code has revolutionized mobile banking, enabling effortless transactions with just a few phone taps. Say goodbye to banking hall queues! With USSD, you can send and receive money using any mobile phone with your SIM card – no smartphone or internet connection required. This convenient solution stands out from internet banking, which demands a smartphone and internet access. Experience the ease of USSD banking today

Unity Bank Transfer Code


Experience the power of convenient banking with Unity Bank’s USSD code: *7799#. This code unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing you to:

– Open an account with Unity Bank
– Change your PIN
– Verify your BVN
– Pay bills effortlessly, including electricity, GOtv, DStv, and more

With *7799#, you can do virtually everything, right from your mobile phone


Unity Bank’s USSD banking offers a secure, convenient, and cost-effective way to manage your finances on the go! With this innovative service, you can:

– Enjoy a hassle-free banking experience
– Save time and money
– Use any mobile phone, regardless of type or age
– Rely on a reliable and user-friendly platform
– Access a range of financial services, including:
– Airtime purchases
– Money transfers
– Balance checks
– BVN requests
– Bill payments (DSTV, GOTV, Electricity, and more)

Experience the convenience of USSD banking today

Available features on *7799#

Unlock a world of banking possibilities with Unity Bank’s USSD code *7799#! With this convenient code, you can:

– Open a new account
– Recharge your airtime
– Link an additional account
– Check your account balance
– Pay bills effortlessly
– Verify your BVN
– Transfer funds with ease
– Change your PIN

Experience the power of *7799# and take control of your banking needs today

Unity Bank Transfer Code, Airtime purchase, balance inquiry, etc

ake control of your banking needs with Unity Bank’s USSD code! I’ll guide you through how to use this convenient code to:

– Transfer funds with ease
– Purchase airtime in a flash
– Check your account balance in seconds
– Initiate cardless withdrawals, so you can access your cash even when you forget your ATM card at home

With the Unity Bank USSD code, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free banking experience. Let’s get started

Unity Bank’s USSD Short Code

Unity Bank USSD Shortcodes

– Fund your Bet9ja wallet: _7799_403_Bet9ja ID_amount#
– Recharge your own phone: _7799_Amount#
– Recharge a third party’s phone: _7799_Phoneno*amount#
– Transfer to a Unity Bank account: _7799_1_accountno_amount#
– Transfer to another bank account: _7799_2_accountno_amount#
– Check your account balance: _7799_0#
– Verify your BVN: _7799_5#
– Block your account: _7799_9*phone number#
– Use USSD on POS: _7799_000*RefID#
– Cardless withdrawal: _7799_8*Amount#

Remember, these shortcodes are available 24/7 to make your banking experience more convenient

Short Code Strings for Eko Electricity Distribution Prepaid

Pay your electricity bills with ease! Use the Unity Bank USSD code: _7799_4_meter no_amount# to make a payment. Simply replace ‘meter no’ with your meter number and ‘amount’ with the payment amount, and you’re done

Short Code Strings for Ikeja Electricity Prepaid

Pay your electricity bills effortlessly! Use the Unity Bank USSD code: _7799_5_meter no_amount# to make a payment. Just replace ‘meter no’ with your meter number and ‘amount’ with the payment amount, and your bill will be paid in no time!

Experience the convenience of Unity Bank’s transfer code! If you have any questions or need assistance with using the USSD code for transactions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help you navigate the process with ease.”

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