Apple Watch Ultra: New Smartwatch design with a bigger battery announced

Endurance: The Apple Watch Ultra is built to withstand various environments, elevations and temperatures, making it a great tool for exploring and navigating the outdoors.

– Action Button: The watch features a customizable action button that allows users to access a variety of functions, such as starting a workout, marking a compass waypoint or beginning a dive, with just a single press.

– Precision GPS: The watch features a precision dual-frequency GPS system that provides accurate location information for calculating distance, pace and route maps, even in dense urban environments.

– Siren: The watch has a siren feature that emits an 86-decibel sound pattern to attract help in emergency situations.

– Depth Gauge: The watch provides real-time measurement of underwater depth down to 40 meters, along with water temperature readings.

– Long Battery Life: The watch has a battery life that lasts for days, making it suitable for long trips or activities.

– Largest Display: The Apple Watch Pro has the biggest and brightest Apple Watch display, with up to 3,000 nits of brightness, making it readable even in direct sunlight.
– Titanium Watch Case: The watch features a 49mm titanium watch case, made with 95% recycled aerospace-grade titanium, providing a perfect balance between weight, ruggedness, and corrosion resistance.
– Flat Sapphire Front Crystal: The watch has a flat sapphire front crystal that is protected by raised edges, making it super-rugged and able to withstand the elements.
– Bigger Battery: The Apple Watch Pro comes with a bigger battery, providing longer battery life and making it suitable for extended use.
– Always-On Technology: The watch features Always-On technology, which keeps the display on, allowing you to see key information at a glance.
– Customizable Action Button: The watch has a customizable action button that can be used to begin a workout, turn on the flashlight, and more.
– GPS and Compass: The watch features precision dual-frequency GPS and a compass with waypoints, backtrack, and a new elevation view, making it ideal for navigation and outdoor activities.
– Health Features: The watch includes various health features, such as cycle tracking, temperature sensing, blood oxygen level measurement, and an electrical heart sensor.

The Apple Watch Ultra: A Masterclass in Design and Durability

– Balanced Design: The Apple Watch Ultra strikes a perfect balance between weight, durability, and corrosion resistance, making it a robust and reliable companion for any adventure.

– Protected Display: The watch’s case is carefully designed to rise up and surround all edges of the flat sapphire front crystal, safeguarding the stunning Retina display from scratches and damage.

– Brighter Display: The Retina display boasts an impressive 2000 nits of brightness, making it twice as bright as any other Apple Watch display, ensuring clear visibility even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

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Apple Watch Ultra: Built for the Great Outdoors

– Rugged and Reliable: The Apple Watch Ultra is a robust smartwatch designed for adventure, boasting the prestigious MIL-STD-810H certification for its durability and resistance to harsh environments.

– Extreme Temperature Resistance: This smartwatch can operate seamlessly in a wide temperature range, making it perfect for use in various climates and conditions.

– Water Sports Ready: The Apple Watch Ultra is ideal for water activities, featuring a built-in depth gauge that tracks your underwater adventures with precision and accuracy.

Apple Watch Ultra: Enhanced Functionality and Customization

– Introducing Wayfinder: A new, customizable watch face that offers more space for information than previous models, keeping you informed and connected on the go.

– Quick Access with Action Button: A new, customizable action button provides rapid access to essential features like:
– Workouts: Start your fitness routine with ease
– Compass: Navigate with precision
– Waypoints: Mark your route and track your journey
– Backtrack: Find your way back to your starting point

Personalize your Apple Watch Ultra to suit your needs and stay focused on your adventures

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Battery Life

– All-Day Battery Life: Up to 36 hours
– Low Power Mode: Up to 72 hours

Workout Battery Life

– Outdoor workout with GPS and 4G LTE in Low Power Mode with fewer GPS and heart rate readings: Up to 35 hours
– Outdoor workout with GPS and 4G LTE in Low Power Mode: Up to 17 hours
– Outdoor workout with GPS: Up to 12 hours

Additional Battery Information

– Charge Time: About 1 hour to 80% and about 1.5 hours to 100%
– Audio Playback: Up to 20 hours playback from Apple Watch storage

Note: Battery life varies by use, configuration, mobile network, signal strength, and many other factors; actual results will vary.

Apple Watch Ultra: Comprehensive Features for a Healthy and Connected You

Building on the success of the world’s best-selling smartwatch, Apple Watch Ultra offers a wide range of features that cater to your connectivity, activity, and health needs. These include:

– Heart Rate Monitoring: Continuously track your heart rate and rhythm
– ECG and Blood Oxygen Apps: Monitor your heart’s electrical activity and oxygen levels
– Activity Rings and Mindfulness: Stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals
– Additional Health Features: Access a range of health and wellness tools
– Safety Features: Enjoy peace of mind with emergency features like Crash Detection and Fall Detection
– Navigation Features: Stay on course with GPS, Compass, and Maps

Experience the ultimate smartwatch that combines innovation, style, and functionality to support your active lifestyle.

Apple Watch Ultra: Enhanced Safety Features for Emergency Situations

In emergency situations, the Apple Watch Ultra is designed to provide critical assistance. Equipped with:

– Two new motion sensors
– Advanced sensor-fusion algorithm

The watch can detect severe car crashes using the Crash Detection Sensor. If a crash is detected, the watch will:

– Prompt the user to check in
– Automatically dial emergency services if the user is unresponsive after a 10-second countdown

This feature provides peace of mind and timely support in critical situations, ensuring help is always within reach.



Apple Watch Ultra: Prioritizing Privacy and Connectivity

The Apple Watch Ultra boasts an exceptional privacy mode, ensuring your sensitive data remains secure. When your iPhone is locked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, your health and fitness data in the Health app (excluding Medical ID) is fully encrypted, providing an added layer of protection.

Additionally, the device features:

– Cellular connectivity for seamless communication
– GPS connectivity for accurate location tracking and navigation

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is secure and your connections are reliable.

Apple Watch Ultra availability and pricing

The Apple Watch Ultra is available in three styles:

– Trail Loop
– Alpine Loop
– Ocean Band

The Apple Watch Ultra 2, the latest model, is priced at $799 and was first available for order on September 22, 2023. The Apple Watch Ultra first shipped on September 23, 2022. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 offers a double tap gesture, on-device Siri and a brighter display than the original Apple Watch Ultra.