Zodwa Wabantu lands at her rehab center (Watch)


Zodwa Wabantu has finally landed at her rehab center.

The star made this known through her Instagram as she shared a video of herself with her box stating she has gotten there.

Recall, in May 2021, the star revealed she will be going to rehab center due to alcohol problems.

In her words, Zodwa said she has decided as she knows she can decided as many times as she wants but she is so sure she’s responsible for her alcoholism and drug addiction.

Due to lockdown, the dancer is using the opportunity to look after her demon and she will be at the rehab for as much as she wants.

She went on to encourage those who are drug and alcohol addicts to take the step as there is no other way to do it.

Zodwa captioned: Zodwa Wabantu welcomed at Rehab for Drugs & Alcohol”

Watch video below:



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