South Africa’s Ace Magashule: Arrest Warrant Issued for ANC Official.


No doubt  2020 has been full of drama and controversies in African countries. It has been confirmed that a Warrant of arrest has been issued for ANC (African National Congress) Secretary-General in connection with the R255-million asbestos audit contract in the Free States. Shocking, right? In my opinion, this is totally scandalous.

Ace Magashule who is a high profiled politician and is said to be a kingmaker in South Africa’s governing party said he is not scared of the arrest warrant and corruption-related charges pressed against him.

Magashule, who was with Legoete, said he had been expecting the warrant for some time. “It has been coming all the time [the warrant]. I am not worried, the struggle continues.”Legoete said ANC members close to Magashule had cautioned him not to say anything until he had consulted with his lawyers.

A spokeswoman for the elite Hawks police unit told the Reuters news agency that Mr. Magashule was expected to appear in court on Friday. He will appear in the Bloemfontein Magistrate Court. The case against Ace Magashule is related to the awarding of a $16m (£12m) government contract in 2014.

When the Alleged Corruption Could Have Taken Place:

Ace Magashule was premier of Free State province from 2009 to 2018, and so at the time of the alleged corruption. He is described as one of the men who “stole” South Africa.

“South Africa has nine provincial governments, with huge budgets under their control. The $16m contract was issued to private firms for the removal of asbestos from low-cost homes, but it is alleged that there were kickbacks and suspicious payments”.

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A reporter from BBC says But Could this be that Magashule’s final day of reckoning has come?

Mr. President’s (Cyril Ramphosa) says this:

Cyril Ramaphosa, the president, who is under pressure for failing to tackle the problem since taking power almost three years ago is yet to intervene on the move to prosecute Magashule.

Although in June, he commanded that evidence presented at the inquiry could be used by prosecutors, potentially opening up hundreds of cases for further action. Ramphosa also said in August that the officials of the ANC must take leave of their position if charged with corruption.

In Conclusion:
As Magashule is to appear in Court on Friday, the whole country is watching and its fingers crossed for the ANC party.
Indeed, this scandal/crisis has thrown a heavy blow on the face of South Africa’s economy.

Leaving the people with the question “Where do we go from here?” This is still a developing story as Magashule has spoken to his lawyer and waiting for his trial in Court.

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