SAMPRA Drags SABC To Court Over Unpaid Royalties


SAMPRA Drags SABC To Court Over Unpaid Royalties

 The South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), has been charged to court by South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA), due to what they claimed to be unpaid royalties to thousands of artistes in South Africa under the umbrella of the SAMPRA.

According to SAMPRA’s press statement, SABC is been accused of owing artistes over R250 million for the past five years. The former revealed that SABC’s refusal to pay the sum, has led to severe hardship among SAMPRA members, especially in the time of coronavirus, when gigs are few

This is turn of events created a rave on social media. While some commend SAMPRA’s courage in taking the matter to court, others feel that it won’t change a thing given that they’re going up against a state owned corporation.


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