Nigeria youth We speak revolution Not War #Endpoliticalfight

It is now no news that the youths of Nigeria have woken up from their long time slumber on bad governance.

Sars only brought out the anger sleeping inside, the youths have been treated like disabled lions all these years, We have been treated like lions with their mouth padlocked for years.

The protest going on now in Nigeria is a protest for revolution in Nigeria so the protest should not be left for the youths alone.
Every well-meaning Nigerian both old and young should come out let’s move this country into revolution. If you can’t come out post it tweet and retweet.

Enough is Enough
The game of politics is over
we need governance
we don’t need political war

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The youths are tired of being bribed with the chicken amount to keep quiet when things are spoiling.
As the protest keeps going calm and peaceful let the politicians look into this and redirect their steps because the time of reckoning is near.

#Enough is Enough
# Endpoliticalfight.
#Ahead Ahead we move..
#Revolution Now✓✓✓

@Agugo karlhenry

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