Nasty C considers being a pastor after fans reaction to his stage performance

Nasty C considers being a pastor after fans react to his stage performance

Nowadays, the popular mindset is that to be a pastor, one must poses the ability to make people react under the influence of their acts.

Nasty C has really got these abilities and is

therefore considering going to the ministry. Having shared a hilarious video of a die-hard fan reacting to his song and practically losing her
mind while he was on stage performing, the Music star is convinced that he would have done well as a pastor.

The girl’s reaction brought about speculations that it's not too late for Nasty to change his career to become a pastor.
In the video, it can be seen the lady was a little too excited while watching him live as she was in tears and rapping along with him.

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The rapper had a really hilarious caption for the video which read: “Damn I really coulda been a pastor.”

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