Nandi Mbatha has decided to come out on how she feels after her nasty breakup

Nandi revealed that their relationship was really smooth to the extent that she had to move in with him just after one week of dating.

The breakup really hurt her badly as there was chemistry between them from the moment they met six years ago but only pursued a relationship later in life.

They even got tattoos together as they were so madly in love.

They lived together for three months.

Things became sour though after Nandi realized that Anga was changing.

She could no longer use his phone anymore and she suspected that he was dating other women.

He would also disappear at night whilst she was sleeping.

Nandi said: “He came into my life at the right time, I was down and not in a good space. I felt like nothing was going right in my life.”

Well, Nandi has decided to focus on her career and is happier than ever as she focuses on loving herself more.

“I have never been happier and I am learning to love myself again.”



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