Names Of Nigeria Police Officers Promoted To Next Rank In All 36 States (Full List)


According to an exclusive report by Fakazaking News, Inspector-General of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Mohammed Adamu, announced the promotion of Nigeria Police officers last month, putting an end to the search for the Nigeria Police Promotion 2020 list by officers of the NPF.

On 2nd March, Fakazaking News filed a report titled: “EXCLUSIVE: Nigeria Police Set For New 2020 Promotion, See Date, Officers Affected,” regarding the police promotion of officers of the Nigeria Police.

According to the report, the police promotion list will include police officers whose names were omitted in the last promotion, in what can best be described as “justice for the affected officers.”

Exactly 10 months after the exclusive report on the Nigeria Police Promotion 2020 list, the IGP in November announced the promotion of juniors officers and senior officers of the NPF including those killed during the #EndSARS protests.

A few weeks after the IGP announced the promotion of the officers, Fakazaking News has exclusively obtained the list containing the names of the police officers promoted to next rank in all the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja from the year 2016 till date.

Below are the names of Nigeria Police officers promoted to the next rank

Names of Nigeria Police officers promoted to next rank

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