(Lyrics) Die Mondez – Trap Talk


Die Mondez Trap Talk Lyrics

Download Die Mondez Trap Talk Lyrics: Get the official full song lyrics for the track by Die Mondez captioned “Trap Talk”. A track from his “In The Trap EP“.


Die Mondez Trap Talk Song Lyrics

Uh, Young Meezo, too wavy
Too much sauce my nigga, I been gravy
So much weed, my plug copped a Mercedes
Never outside, my appearances need a payment, uh
So much bars, incarceration
They honour me in the hood like a nigga inaugurated
Presidential class on everything that I’m acclaimin’
They plotting behind my back but the action is never taken, uh
Man you niggas got me mistaken
This rapping is God given there ain’t no way to mistake it, or replace it
I’m in a whole other lane, you niggas too complacent
I’m innovating while you niggas jaded, uh
Hoping I will fumble, that’s a lot of waiting
A lot of patience, something I can’t relate with
I’m gunnin’ for it
I get a high from the hits I’m making, uh
The zaza help with the meditation, uh
Your opinion never meant shit to me
Walk up in your vicinity smelling like weed and victory
I tell the truth but a villain how they depicting me
I cropped ’em out, see that ain’t how the picture used to be
There’s a reason for everything that I do
I can tell if your ass a snake just by looking at how you move
Solid nigga, I always been sucker proof, uh
Switched my location, I needed a better view, uh
Uh, pray all of my niggas make it
Heart racing, day to day we paper chasing
Made it out in times when I thought I would never make it
Keep it pushin’, see failure ain’t contemplated
Now we the topic of conversations
It comes with a lot of hating
Heavy the head that’s wears the crown, you know the sayin’
I said “Okay then”
If they want to play then we can play but the thing is I ain’t nothin’ to play with
Ain’t no debating I’m one of the greatest
Retire early and spend the rest of my life vacating
A foreign whip with a foreign bitch, Latina Asian
The weed imported, it’s foreign spliffs a nigga blazin’
Pop a bean, Frank Ocean I’m novacaning
I don’t feel none for you bitches it’s like my heart caved in
I go so hard you’d swear I had a God placement
This beat so hard it’s soundin’ like God played it
And my cup runneth over, nigga, I’m God’s favourite
And ain’t no time for waitin’
Runnin’ out of patience

Still in the trap baby
Packs of pills, life’s a thrill
Crib full of codeine
My cup forever runneth over
Pray for these niggas like dearly departed
Trap still jumpin’ like kangaroos, haha
These niggas think it’s a game
But we never runnin’ out, haha
Y’all ain’t really pimpin’ like how w e pimpin’ Scotty
It’s Die Mondez, woo!


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