Kwesta returns to performing in clubs

A week after welcoming his second child, the rapper shared a post on his social media platform this Thursday, and it reveals his next gigs, and the locations are clubs.

His followers immediately questioned him, as they got confused.

It was believed that his retirement from clubs was because he just tied the knot with his wife, and he wants to settle as a family man.

“Ending my club gig career this July…,” he tweeted last year.

Kwesta got eyes popping as he returns to performing in clubs after making an official statement in 2019, that he will no longer perform in such places.

“I decided to stop performing at clubs because the clubs cannot set up the type of show that I want to give. It’s too small to set everything up so I’ve decided to stop doing those kinds of gigs altogether. I won’t give everyone a show they deserve unless the club can provide that type of setup,” he said back then.

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Explaining the reason for a change of mind, Kwesta said his management isn’t done with clubs.

“The problem is that the people are not done with the clubs.”


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