Keke Mphuthi makes a very shocking and funny revelation about herself.

Keke Mphuthi, the beautiful actress shocked her fans after she made a revelation about herself, which caused a stir on social media. As funny as it sounds, the star took to her Instagram page to reveal that she is a lover of food and when shes home alone, all she loves doing is cooking.

The celeb describes herself as a happy woman whenever she sees food. It is normal trend for most people (especially slay queens) to shy away from eating in public places by holding the fork with the tip of their nails, picking at the food while laughing more and chewing as though they suck the food with their tongue.

However Keke doesnt seem to belong to that category of people as she Glady expresses her love for a good meal.

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In her words:

“Food genuinely feeds my Soul and makes me HAPPY WOMAN!!! A hungry me is the worst person to be around”. From all indications, cooking seems to be one of Kekes hubby and the fans from their reactions seem to appreciate it too.

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