Inside prison where men are packed like sardine-photos

For those lazy and busy set of individuals who are still nurturing the thought of engaging themselves in crime, we believe that this would serve as a shocker to you.

for those who are very familiar with a crime we also believe this would remind you of something, however, crime is an enemy to society hence no man knows who will be the next victim.

This photos displayed here is an inside photo shot of a popular prison in Nigeria, we don’t want to mention the name because we believe it would be of no meaning to you.

What is a prison if I may ask, the name is very common to pronounce on the lips but no too many people know the meaning of it and why it was established?

by my definition, A prison is a place, building, or an institution of confinement, especially of long-term confinement for those convicted of serious crimes or otherwise criminals considered as undesirable by the government.

Inside prison

Prison is literally is an established institution for law defaulters,  but we must consider many things in this article, Nigeria as a case study.

Are all in the  Nigerian prison criminal? are all defaulters of the law? the answer is now.

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as far as Nigeria is concerned here, even a complainant is also imprisoned for complaining, and if a complainant is imprisoned, then what do you now think would be the fate of a suspect.

Inside prison

so according to my personal findings, 65 percent of men and women who are packaged like sardines in the prison are mere suspects who are persuaded or otherwise beaten to death just to confessed that they are guilty of the accusation labeled against them.

It can only happen in Nigeria and other African countries,  Nevertheless, the haven is known the harsh treatments of citizens in the country and how unmerciful and partial the government appears to become, it now becomes more expedient and of great personal interest of benefit for everyone to stay far off from troubles if you don’t want yourself or your relative to be packaged like a sardine in the cold room of Nigerian prison.

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