How Archbishop Stephen Zondo Allegedly Raped Women

The religious leader of the Rivers of Living Waters Ministries, Archbishop Stephen Zondo, has been accused of rape by not less than two women These allegations were made during the hearings of sexual abuse leveled against him at the church in Evaton, Johannesburg.

It all started when two women testified before the CRL Rights Commission of how Archbishop Zondo raped them some decades ago. According to one of the victims, the religious leader raped her several times when she was only seven years old.

In addition to her testimony, Archbishop Zondo allegedly raped the victim when he (Zondo) was around eighteen years. As at that time, he was not a pastor as he was just a photographer and videographer.

“While I was playing outside with my friends, he asked me to come into his house so as to help him wash his socks. When I entered the bathroom, I couldn’t find the socks. He asked me to come into his room and he was wearing only his underwear”, the victim said.

“After the incident, he gave me R1 and sweets to give to the other children playing with me and ordered me never to tell anyone about what happened. I was just in severe pains and I couldn’t play anymore”, she added

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Additionally, she narrated how the incident traumatized her and she became very slow in her academics. “I started dressing like a boy in order to protect myself. The situation became worse when I was 13 years and I had to be put on medication”, she said.

On the other hand, another woman narrated how Archbishop Zondo allegedly raped her, threatened to kill her, and promised to compensate her with R75 000. Up till now, she has not received the money.

When he (Archbishop Zondo) was contacted, he said, “Verify from people who are speaking ill about me”. Later, he went on to reply to the rape allegations leveled against him via text message saying, “if you wish to know anything, ask Professor David Mosoma”.

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