Here let me introduce the three main steps you need to learn how to speak Chinese fluently

Here let me introduce the three main steps you need to learn how to speak Chinese fluently. They are:


2–The sentence structure

3–Writing/reading of characters.


but here we are going to explain them are after the order

Pronunciation: just like in the English language, the Chinese language has what is called pinyin[拼音] which is written using the English alphabets. For example you [], [ài] love[]

Chinese example words containing the character 爱 ( ai / ài )
爱尔兰 ( Ài’ĕrlán = Ireland ),
爱丁堡 ( Àidīngbăo = Edinburgh ),
爱国 ( àiguó = patriotic ),
爱好 ( àihào = hobby ),
爱护 ( àihù = to cherish ),
爱慕 ( àimù = to admire ),
爱情 ( àiqíng = love ),
爱惜 ( àixī = to treasure ),
爱心 ( àixīn = to love ),
爱人 ( aìrén = spouse ),
敬爱 ( jìngài = respect and love ),
可爱 ( kĕài = lovely ),
亲爱 ( qīn’ài = dear ),
亲爱的 ( qīn’ài de… = dear ),
做爱 ( zuòài = to make love ),

The Chinese pinyin is divided into two which are the [21] initials and finals of Chinese pinyin.[38]. Look at the table below[]

You have learned how to pronounce the initials and finals of Chinese pinyin. Here we are going to study the four basis tones in Chinese tones [four Tones].

There are four basis times in Chinese, respectively called the 1st tones[55]. The 2nd tone [35], the 3rd tone [214], and the 4th tone [51].

Here you have to pay attention to the different sounds in the pronunciation of each tone. This is because in Chinese they make difference in meaning. For example.

mā [攠] mother,

má[犘] fibrous crops.

mǎ[吗 ]. Ma [horse].

mă [horse] and mà[骂 ] to scold.

I hope by now you must have seen the reason why I said you should pay attention to the pronunciation line in English all of them is “ma” but the only difference is the pronunciation.

As they have differences in their pronunciations so between they also have differences in their meaning. With ma means. Mother, ma means fibrous crops. Look down at the table below and follow the tones to practice pronunciation.

You may have recently registered HSK level 1 or you may have been meaning of the Chinese language, always asking yourself, is this possible, how can it be possible for us to speak Chinese is so simple.

Here we are to going to explain to you the steps of the simplest and easy way you will follow to learn or study.

Before we start, let just learn a few Chinese words and how you can use it to communicate with your friends. For example. You may be wondering if I meet a friend you can I say hello. Here it is

The Chinese language Translated in English

(ni) , (hǎo) A: Hello
(ni) , (hǎo) B: Hello

While nǐ [ ] means [pron singlular] you
[hǎo] adj Good, fine

Also, you may ask assuming we are more than two and what is the polite way to greet our elders here it is
The Chinese language Translate into English

A: nín hǎo A: Hello
R: Ninmen hǎo R: Hello

While nín means pron[polite] you.
nínmen [ 们] pro [phural] you

Maybe you want your friend and you don’t know to say sorry. Here is how you can say it in Chinese.



A–Duìbùqǐ Answer –I’m sorry

对不起! reply — That’s id ok


Reply--Méiguānxì    While Duìbùqǐ (对不起)  means to be sorry 
没关系!                      Méiguānxì (没关系) means thats ok

please drop your comeent or correction after reading this and tell us where you are having diffulties let us organize private class for you free of charge

please our teaching is for free we dont collect money we want to help you get through this




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