Finding Student Halls, Housing and Flats in the UK

Choosing the right place to live during your stay at university makes a huge impact on your overall experience whilst studying in the UK.

You are likely to be happier and more successful from an academic point of view if you like where you live, with safe, clean, and secure accommodation influencing your studies and state of mind.

Most UK universities guarantee first-year accommodation in student halls for Nigerian students, which helps ease the stress of moving into a new country and area for the first time.

If they do not, or halls are full, then universities will offer as much assistance as possible about moving into a home elsewhere.

Learn more about the basics of finding somewhere to live in the UK as a Nigerian student below. Begin your journey by applying to study in the UK with SI-UK in Lagos or Abuja today.

Types of Student Accommodation

Accommodation for Nigerian students can broadly be split into four different categories:

  • University halls of residence: A private bedroom with ensuite facilities and a shared living and kitchen space.
  • Private halls of residence: Similar to university halls, but run by a private company. Facilities will often be more modern.
  • Rented houses/flats: This is available via agencies or directly from landlords. Students often move into a rented house after their first year of study.
  • Homestay: A popular choice for international students is staying with a local UK family who will provide you with meals and a calming atmosphere to live and study.

Finding the right location

The closer you are to your university, the more convenient life and study will be. If you are not staying in university halls, it is important to consider the following:

  • Distance from the university campus
  • Travel costs and budget
  • Safety
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Once you have decided what type of accommodation you want to live in, research different areas close to where your classes will be, decide if you want to share or not and make a note of anything else you wish to enquire about when viewing properties.

The cost student accommodation in the UK

The cost of living in the UK is heavily dependant on what town or city you are studying in and in 2018 Natwest conducted research into average monthly rent costs. They ranged from £339 a month in Belfast and £373 in Glasgow, to £668 in London and £604 in Cambridge. London in particular has always been one of the most expensive places to live in the UK.

In addition to rent, living costs will also need to be factored in such as meals (if not provided by the university) and transport.

How to begin your accommodation search

First-year international students are generally given priority in university halls, but if you wish to move in with friends after that first year of study, the choices may seem overwhelming.

The university accommodation team will be able to give you a list of trusted agencies or approved rental opportunities to help you start your search, whilst also answering any questions you may have about guarantors, hidden fees and ensuring utilities such as water, gas and electricity are covered.

Find Student Accommodation

If you are seeking high quality and safe accommodation in the UK, arrange a free consultation with SI-UK in Lagos or Abuja today.

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