Fans Mock Clip of Makhadzi’s Concert Entrance

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Mzansi mocks Makhadzi after a clip of her dramatic concert entrance went viral. Some say she was fighting for her life.

One significant thing Makhadzi is known for, apart from making good music, is her performance skills. She lights up a stage every time she makes an appearance. Her fans love her dearly for that.

However, the singer was hilariously mocked for her dramatic entrance at the Royal Festival in Venda recently. It is evident she had no plans to walk onto the stage on foot but wanted to float her way in. Unfortunately, it didn’t look like everything went according to plan.

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The singer floated in, and at some point, the cables stopped halfway, but she continued singing like nothing was wrong. Some fans reacted to the clip and said she was pretending she wasn’t fighting for her life.

In a statement to, the event’s organizers said everything happened according to plan. They said the halt in mid-air was planned and was timed by the stuntman who planned it. They said, “Flying Man, the company who operated her entrance, rehearsed with her. Her movement was timed for her song ‘Movie.’ All part of her performance.”

Watch the video here.

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