Emtee reacts to a video of him getting drunk shared by his babymama

Emtee revealed that his baby mama, Nicole abuses him and he is tired of staying with her.

the star in detail how the mother of his two children used to attack him, call the police on him, and involve her brothers to physically handle the Hustla.

Well, the case now worsens as they are using the video against him.

The rapper has now shared a screenshot of the message his baby momma sent ordering him to delete the tweets exposing her or she releases a video of him.

The talk went as far as to involve a part of him seeing his sons Avery, 5, and Logan 2.

The tweet says: Emtee is making false accusations about his wife, she is not abusing him, the problem is his drug abuse, The wife is trying so hard to maintain the marriage but Emtee is messing everything up because of drug abuse. #PrayForEmtee”

Watch the video below:

Defending himself, the star said: “I wasn’t drunk! I don’t drink liquor AT ALL That was a 2 liter Fanta Pine. Relax! Might’ve been high, not drunk. I’m glad she posted it cos as you can see in the video I’m very calm and at the end, I walked away. I didn’t respond or talk back bruh. I tried my best to be mature.”


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