Divorce Me, please!


As I drove home, I tried to imagine what life would be like without Etomi. The care she gave, the fun moments we had.

I recalled a particular year I got into an accident that left me paralysed. For a whole year, I couldn’t make use of my legs and needed assistance with almost everything. This woman never left me. She was with me till I got well. She even had to send the boys to my mother just so she could focus on taking care of me.

How was I so blind?

As I reflected back, I saw that all I was trying to achieve with the beatings was what she possessed already.

She was one hundred percent faithful, She was so caring, she was submissive, I asked her to quit her job and she did without questioning me, she never spoke back at me. Even after a fight, she never denied me her body. I realized why I fell in love with her along the line.

“Aahhhhhhhh! Adeniyi ” I screamed hitting the car steering wheel. Tears gushed out of my eyes.

Was I going to loose a good woman?

” God please, give me another chance “I prayed.

I honked furiously on getting to the gate. The gate keeper opened and I drove in with speed. I came down and rushed into the house.

” Etomi! Etomi “I called but got no response.

Jesus! Jesus!

I ran into the room she shared with the kids, her things were gone.

The house suddenly became too hot. I took off my shirt and put on the fan.

I searched myself for my phone. I called her but she did not pick up. I called over and over again until she finally switched off her phone.

“Mogbe! ”



It’s been exactly five days since I left Niyi’s house. Sometimes, I do miss him and want to go back but when I recall everything I suffered, my heart gets clouded with anger, pains and hatred for him. I was a good wife. What did he want that he didn’t get from me.

That evening I got to Funke’s place from my mother in laws, after I was well rested, she took me to a hospital where I was given drugs and my wounds dressed. She contacted one of our friends Ronke, who was a lawyer. I went to see her the next day.

“Are you sure you want to do this? ” she asked

She tried to make me change my mind but it was already made up.

” Fine then. Fixing the papers usually take up to a week. But I have someone who can get it done in 3-4 days.

True to her words, she called me four dats later to come get it.

I sat I her office, waiting for her to come.

“Sorry for keeping you, the delivery delayed. ” she said as she entered the office.

” It’s okay ”

” Do you really want to push through with this? ” she asked handing me the papers.

” I’m not changing my mind Ronke ”

” Hmmmmmmm. Alright then. Give me his number so I can communicate when the both of you should see me”


I went straight to Niyi’s place. I can’t wait to be free from him.


What day is it? Thursday? Friday? I can’t tell.
I had not moved from this spot since I came to to find my Etomi gone. How long has it been?4? 5 days?

I miss her.

I miss my children. How strange it sounds. I don’t think I’ve ever called them my children before.

Guilt and regret washed over me. With each passing day, I see how stupid I had been.

I sat directly opposite the door hoping and waiting for her to just open the door and come in.

My wish came to pass sooner than expected. The door opened and a stunning Etomi walked in.

I can’t believe I’ve been denying myself and the world this beauty by constantly torturing her.

“Etomi ” I called but she hushed me with a wave of her hand.

“I did not come to have a conversation or any chit chat with you. Here are the papers. I believe your mother must have told you about the divorce. Do well to fill them. My lawyer will contact you” she said dropping the document on the table.

I stood up and staggered slowly towards her. I had not eaten in days and it was taking its toll on me.

Although she put up a bold face and Stern resolve. I could still see it. I know her too well. She chewed at her bottom lip. She was still afraid that I would hurt her.

I got to where she stood and fell hopelessly on her feet.

“iyawo mi, ma binu. ma binu, ma binu. I’m am very sorry please forgive me” I begged, tears gushing effortlessly out of my eyes.

“Don’t leave me. I will change please. I’ll be a better man, a better husband and a better father. I know it will be very hard but please. Give me another chance. ”

I felt her stiffen in shock. I didn’t care. I just wanted her to forgive me.

” I know I’ve hurt you, caused you so much pain and what I did is unforgivable but please. Please I beg you. Stay with me. Don’t go. I’m a new man. ”

” Too late Niyi. I’m not interested” she said. Her voice and face void of any emotion.

She wriggled her legs free and walked out.

I felt like I was having a heart attack. How do I cope without her in my life?

I know I’m a man but that moment, I felt like a child who lost the latest version of his toy and was told they are no more in Stock.

I wept my eyes sore.

About an hour later, I laid weak on the floor. My phone rang and I ignored it. When I saw that the caller wouldn’t stop calling, I answered it.

“who is it? ” I asked weakly

The call ended two minutes later and I rushed out forgetting I’ve not had my bath, brushed or eaten in almost a week.




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