Divorce Me, please!


“Adeniyi! Adeniyi Bankole. Kini Itumo Eyi Eleyi(what is the meaning of this?)” Mrs Adesua lamented

“Maami, ma binu(I’m sorry). I was not my usual self and I wasn’t thinking straight. ”

“And you have the result here before you. A pregnancy! God knows I never wanted my grandchildren out of wedlock ”

” It was just one night. I never knew it would result to a pregnancy. How I’m I sure I really own this sef? ”

” Ọlọrun jẹ ọ niya(God punish you). What do you take me for? ” Etomi yelled

” Sinmi ọmọ mi(calm down my child) it hasn’t gotten to that. Niyi, when did you say this happened? ”

” A month ago”

“You took her to the hospital to confirm and the result shows that the pregnancy is a month old. So why are you denying being the owner? ”

He remained quiet.

” What I’m going to say now is going to be final unless any of you can give me a better solution. Adeniyi, you will have to marry her. ”

” kini? Rara ooh(what? No ooh) ” they chorused

” Do you have a better solution? ”

” She has to remove it ooh. ” Adeniyi said

” And risk my life? I’d rather keep it. I’ll move somewhere else. I Don’t want to marry him” Etomi said

“You know how hard it is for a single mother in this our country. Both your ideas are not okay by me. Once she delivers the baby, you’ll both get married and that’s final” Mrs Adesua said


I laid there motionless, allowing him do his thing. I held tightly on to the duvet of the bed, clenching my teeth together in a bid to suppress the sound that was threatening to burst out.

“Don’t moan, don’t moan, don’t… Oh God! ”

And there it was. It came out anyways. I could feel him smile against my chest.

My body shivered as he gently planted kisses over my body.

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Sometimes, I feel like he does love me, like he feels something in his heart for me. How else will you explain the way he touches me? He is bent on making sure I feel pleasure too. He respects my body and….

“Come off that idea Etomi. He is a beast. There is no place In him for love. He is a man, and every man becomes a love god when they want sex… Wait! Why can’t I feel him anymore? Why did he stop touching me? Why did…

I opened my eyes to see him hovering over me, smiling mischievously.

“Mad that I stopped?” he asked

“No? ”

” Hah! Typical you. Always denying but the look in your eyes betray you. I’ll be back. I’ll take you to heaven ” he said smacking my thighs.

Yeah! There he goes. To get condoms I presume. What kind of a man has sex with his wife and uses a condom. One that doesn’t love his wife definitely.

But boy! Is he handsome?

He was muscular. Not the heavily, macho kind of built. The ‘Leonard Fernand’ kind. Slender waist, straight legs, tight ass and his….

“OH! My naughty mind”

“Seen enough? ”

” Oh shit! He caught me staring”

I quickly looked away.

“Funny” he said as he climbed over me.

He traced the curves of my body with his fingers.

“Mine! ” he said and planted a kiss on my neck. He moved to my shoulder, my chest and then my breast.

I shook all over. I released the duvet and held his head.

” don’t touch me! He commanded

Shoot! I forgot again.

He continued playing with my body and when the pleasure mounted, I pleaded.

“Please Niyi. Let me hold you”

“Don’t ”

He spread my legs and thrust. I screamed out in pleasure and held tighter onto the bed.






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