Best Universities In Portugal For International Students 2021

Portugal is regarded as one of the European countries that have a high rate of education. Portugal is also an attractive and accessible destination for international students seeking a degree abroad in Europe.

Due to the high level of education in Portugal, we will be making it easier for you to know the best universities to study in Portugal. This will aid you as an international student to make the right choice.

But before we go into that, there are important facts you need to know about studying in Portugal, such as the cost of study, admission requirements, etc. You can take a brief look at the table of contents below to see the quality of information embedded in this write up about studying in Portugal.

What Do I Need to Know About Portugal?

The truth remains that you can’t choose to study in any country as an International student without at least getting to know notable facts about the country. Like its environment, people, food, and values especially as regards education. This section actually aims to let you into the world of Portugal.

Firstly, you need to know that in the extreme southwest of Europe is Portugal, and it has one-fifth of the Iberian Peninsula it shares with Spain. It is about the size of the US state of Indiana.

Secondly, Portugal has its own language, the sixth most spoken in the world, as well as its own culture and cuisine. Their historical sites culture covers up a lot about their culture, and in turn, their land has a natural beauty that can keep amazed.

Thirdly, Portugal’s climate is mainly the Mediterranean. The southern regions are dry and sunny with hot summers and mild/rainy winters. Traveling north, the weather becomes cooler and wetter, especially in winter.

In general, Portugal has an enviable climate, so it is so popular among northern Europeans that they seek relief from their times too often less comfortable.

Fourthly, Portugal is home to the world’s first delimited wine region: the upper Douro Valley. This is a place where port grapes are grown along the Douro River in cascading terraces on the steep slopes. The port is the most famous wine in Portugal and in the world.

Above all, the westernmost part of Portugal lies 47 universities, 74 polytechnics, and six police or military academies. While Portugal’s university degrees are more appreciated by national and international students, polytechnics focus on the practical side of teaching.

With all these interesting points above, you should be ready for a close encounter with Portuguese culture!

Why Study at Portugal as an International Student?

Choosing where to study to obtain a degree in Portugal is one of the most important decisions you will make. As an international student, you really need to consider the best of the Universities in Portugal to gain your knowledge.

That is why this article brings you the list of the best Universities in Portugal for International Students.

Indeed, the beautiful landscape, the exciting mix of old buildings and new life, and the affordable lifestyle that accompanies studying in Portugal are just a brief list of the benefits for international students in Portugal.

With a small number of universities to choose from and the third most spoken language in Europe, this country stands out to be one of its kind. Apart from English and Spanish, this country is a great attraction for international students.

Also, excellent education and the beautiful Mediterranean climate make Portugal an option for international students from all over the world.

In fact, choosing to study in Portugal has several advantages, which include:

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