AKA Takes Legal actions Against Nota

AKA Takes Legal actions Against Nota

AKA Takes Legal actions Against Nota

Looks like popular South African critic Nota, is finally getting what he deserves. AKA has decided to take legal actions against him, and he’s not slowing down. Rumor has it, that the the rapper is sue Nota for the sum of R500,000.

This was after Nota made some deeming comments about AKA after the demise of his fiancee, Nelli Tembe. Videos, Pictures and and anonymous tips were disclosed which all suggested that Supa Mega was abusive towards his late fiancée. Many tweeps and netizens shared their opinions online while trying to analyze the nature of AKA’s relationship with his late fincee.

Nota was not left out as he called out the rapper, and made allegations of his drug abuse which he claims led AKA to being abusive towards Nellie. After the long silence, AKA has decided to retaliate by suing him for R500k.

Speaking about the lawsuit, another critic Ntsiki Mazwai said; “So AKA is suing Nota??? We are living in an era where you get sued for speaking the truth. What a gross abuse of the justice system we are seeing”

According to a YouTube channel called Mzansi A-Listers, AKA’s lawyers Mabuza Attorneys, revealed that Nota made some deeming tweets which stirred up controversy regarding AKA’s character in order to humiliate him for his own selfish and personal gains.

They went on to share the tweet in question which says; “The man needs fixing because he is in denial about a lot of things but I would have preferred him to own his bullying of his wife, his substance abuse and his rushing into a relationship soon after his previous break ups. I am praying for him to find God and rely only on him!”


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